Do you feel overwhelmed with life?

Are you struggling with feeling insecure in your relationships?

Do you want to feel more connected to yourself and others?

Have you been wishing you felt more clarity?

Does your life feel alined with who you are? 


My name is Laura Doctor and I am a Life Coach, Intuitive & Intuition coach. I work to create a safe space to guide, support and empower you to transform any aspects of your life you no longer feel alined with. By providing a mixture of intuitive guidance, intuition coaching, guided meditation, journeys and many more magic abilities I supports people to get clarity to move forward in the direction of their souls purpose. Guiding clients inward on an internal magical journey of exploration and adventure.

In our work together people feel connected to their intuition, follow their path with more clarity and feel more connected to each step they take in their life. As each step brings them closer to their bigger vision they have for themselves and start to feel the safety, security and connectedness they so deserve. Fear and indecisiveness is replaced with a new found reverence for the magic of life. Doing work they love that nourishes them. Ability to find and stay in heathy happy relationships including partners, family and work and are better able to know and go toward what is right for them and away from what isn’t. An availability grows to be with their feelings and emotions as they are able to let more vibrancy, Joy, Peace, Clarity & Fun into their lives.




Get to know me by hearing my journey of coming into this interesting work and how its changed my life. 

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