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Do you want support growing your intuition?

Do you feel stuck in certain patterns and want help transforming them?

Are you hearing critical and self judgment voices in your head and want to change them to loving encouraging voices?

Have you been stuck doing work that doesn't feel good to your heart and spirit? 

 My name is Laura Doctor, I am an Intuitive & Intuition Life Coach. I support people in getting clarity to move forward in the direction that feels good to them. Allowing them to connect deeply to their unique gifts and abilities and encourage them to bring those gifts out into the world. Creating more joy, love, abundance and alignment in their spirt and life.

In our time together people feel more connected to their intuition, follow their heart and spirts wisdom with more clarity and feel more connected to each step they take in their life. With consistent support, Iv’e seen my clients let go of painful sabotaging behaviors and open their lives and hearts to a new abundant life full of syncronistic events, unfolding with love and beauty. Ive seen them grow into more safety, security and the connectedness that they so deserve.

Things you can look forward to in this process are an unfolding of who you really are into the world, as you let go of who you thought you should be or who anyone else wanted you to be. You are truly a gift to this world, unfolding and undeniable and I’m here to support your readiness to be who you truly are and be of service the way you are meant to.




Get to know me by hearing my journey of coming into this interesting work and how its changed my life. 

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