My name is Laura Doctor and I’m an Intuitive Life Coach & Comic Book Author. I support people in getting clarity to move forward in the direction that feels good to them. It's my greatest joy to serve people in connecting to the deepest parts of themselves. To support my clients in creating more joy, love, abundance and alignment in their spirts and lives has become the greatest gift I can give to the world and myself.

My experience has been if you don’t live your truth it eats at you and finds you whether you want it to or not. Together we create a safe space for you to emerge and uncover the natural gifts you have. Lovingly encouraging these parts of yourself to emerge and get developed. Throughout this process we will be cultivating and strengthening your inner guidance system serving you in remembering and using your unique talents and gifts in the world. We need the unique gift you are. My goal is to support you to stay in the flow rather than be in resistance so you will be able to respond to life instead of react to it. I’m here to support your readiness to be who you truly are and to help you be of service the way you are meant to.⁠

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