Laura Doctor is an Intuitive and Intuition coach. She creates a safe space to guide, support and empower you to transform any aspects of your life you no longer feel alined with. By providing a mixture of intuitive guidance, intuition coaching, guided meditation, journeys and many more magic abilities Laura supports her clients to get clarity to move forward in the direction of their souls purpose. Guiding her clients inward on an internal magical journey of exploration and adventure. 

Life can present opportunities for growth with many challenging transitions, sometimes we just need a little guidance and support navigating. We have all been in a position where we think we don't need any help at all. We got this! Right? In some area's of life we might, but it takes a lot of compassion for yourself to reach out and ask for support. This work is for anyone who wants to create and maintain balance in their life, between body, mind and spirit.

Strengthening your intuition can give you clarity in every aspect of your life. What would it feel like to know exactly what your body needs to eat, what work to do that feeds your soul, what to do when your relationship feels off, how to navigate a difficult conversation, how to heal from deep loss or death of a loved one, there are so many things that we need support with that happen in life. Imagine you have an internal guidance system inside of you, a deep well of knowledge that has all the answers to all your questions all the time. That's what it's like when you are deeply connected to your intuition. We work to get you there.




Get to know me by hearing my journey of coming into this interesting work and how its changed my life. 

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