meet laura

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My training has included massage, holistic health, many years of mediation, restorative yoga, yoga for trauma, mindful based stress reduction, play therapy and most recently work in secure attachment. 

I was about 27 when I discovered this interesting intuitive ability. I was meditating a lot, going to school to become a naturopath and had my whole life plan laid out in front of me. Then after a visit to my teacher in India, I came home and was massaging someone. All of the sudden I could hear their bodies talking to me. What the heck, right? It was the strangest thing ever. I tried at the time to talk to people about it, I tried to share it with my massage clients and most of all I tried to shove it deep down inside. Not only did it not go away but it was like something tapping me on the shoulder everyday. I did nearly anything I could to avoid being an Intuitive. It was scary, weird and just plain too out there for me. I spent most of my life trying to fit in and be normal and now I have this weird ability happening.  I eventually met someone just like me and finally felt somewhat normal again. With her support I came into acceptance with this ability and started to see it as something magical and even fun. 

Now it's my greatest joy to serve people in connecting to the deepest parts of themselves. It's become the greatest gift I can give to the world and myself.

This took me almost 10 years to go from being frightened to do this work to coming out into the world with confidence. But I am now ready to say I am an Intuitive and Intuition coach. What I do is simple and at the same time complex. Sometimes its as simple as getting quiet and listening deeply. We sometimes need someone to help up quiet our minds so we can listen deeply and sometimes we need someone to hold our hand while we walk through some difficult decisions or emotions. 

I've found with time and love and presence all the answers each person needs are right there inside us all. It actually is very simple, balance, peace serenity and focus all at out finger tips. All we need is a loving presence and all the sudden things become clear.

The wisdom I find each time I support a client shows me there are endless possibilities to our concerns and issues. All we have to do is listen...

With love,

Laura Doctor


Training and Certifications:

  • Child Part Work
  • Positive Psychology
  • Mindfullness
  • MBSR
  • Restorative Yoga



  • Yoga for Trauma
  • Youth Advocate Training
  • Natural Medicine
  • Holistic Health
  • Massage Therapy

Laura has really given me a whole new perspective on an issue I have been working with. She has such a great Intuitive capacity. Her way of communicating is so supportive and encouraging. I am so happy to to work with her.
— Kabira