Mystery and Magic go hand and hand...

Have you ever been unexplainably moved by a force that pushed you to take action?

In the book Big Magic, author Elizabeth Gilbert talks about creative ideas as being magical matter that floats around until it finds a host who will birth these creative ideas into the world.

This magical matter fell upon me one morning and allowed a poem to be born. It came to me, flowed through my hand and onto the paper as if I was listing to someone slowly whisper each word into my ear. 

It was a triple M! Magical, mystical & mysterious! I call it, Beauty in me:


See there's beauty in being me.

Once you see it's not about being he or she.

There is peace in knowing I am unique and so is he.


There's no need trying to hide it see.

Cause there is beauty inside of me.

Inside of my heart and inside of yours there is a uniqueness.


We have grown being told to become this or that..

And maybe we did, there's nothing wrong with that.


My hope starts here and grows in my heart,

Reaching out to all those who aren't,

At least living the life they want or choose,

I'm here with you breaking out, breaking loose.

Behind the closed door and peeking through,

Hoping and wishing for all of you,


That love finds its way to your heart, and opens, some ideas spark,

That make us think, make us act, make us say,

Is this me? Am I happy?

Is this who..or what I want to be?

can I decide to change my beat?

Or is this who I am,

what you wanted me to be?


This was such an amazing experience which I could have totally missed. I was laying in bed, couldn't sleep, my mind was active like, but not, it was just moving around with words. Words just coming to me, I could have said oh go away. But, I didn't, I got up, got a pen and paper and started writing. Just then this magical Poem came out. It makes me remember to let the spirt move me sometimes. That my todo list or plans like I have to sleep till this time, or I don't have the time for such nonsense, well, that there is a time to let our minds do their great work and a time to let the spirit move us in ways that we don't know. For when we do magic can happen.