What chronic pain taught me

Today I woke up with pain all throughout my body. Not again! I think. I was certain that I was done with this lesson. Obviously, I'm not… As I sit with this pain and feel into it, I begin to feel into negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. Then I again remember what chronic pain has taught me: to allow the negative thoughts, feelings and emotions to come up, to give them space to be heard and felt, and to learn how to allow them to move through me.

he resistance to these negative parts of ourselves creates a disconnection between our body the different parts of ourselves, and that disconnection will make itself known in our lives one way or another, showing up as symptoms in our bodies and/or in our relationships. Some manifestations of this could be body pain, skin issues, rashes, allergies, moodiness or even just negative experiences showing up in our lives unexpectedly.

These situations have the potential to remind us to be with and feel the negative parts of life.  There is a saying “Life isn't all sunshine and rainbows, there are also cloudy days.”  And some of those rainy days you forget your umbrella or a truck comes by and gets dirty puddle water all over you. When that happens I learn again a new way to comfort myself in the middle of discomfort or painful situations.

I am a true believer that life is always trying to teach us balance. For example, you get sick when life gets too stressful and have to stay home to rest. You could say that is one of the mysteries of life that when we won't rest on our own, something will happen to make us do it.

That is also what I learned from having chronic pain for over three years. My pain made me stop. It made me lay in bed, look for guidance and start asking for help. It taught me how to trust others to take care of me, taught me how to care for myself and it still comes back once in a while,  teaching me what I need to learn. So today I am grateful for the pain. For what it teaches me and has taught me. My body is a wonderland of teachings and lessons for me to learn.