How life trained me for my purpose

I have recently launched a new Intuitive and Intuition Coaching business. What you may not know is I've been collecting tools for just this kind of work my entire life.  I grew up trying to fit in and just be normal. Revealing my intuitive insight usually made people uncomfortable or angry and at times even resulted in punishment, so I hid my gift deep inside me, covering my true self in order to blend in to the “normalcy” around me. Of course, this was painful, and I needed ways to cope. I turned to drugs, alcohol and other addictions and struggled with them for many years.


After a shocking ulcer diagnosis at age 25, I decided I’d had enough! I started to change my life drastically and turned to the healing arts for answers.  Through natural medicine, yoga, meditation, acupuncture and changes to diet and lifestyle, I began to heal. I enjoyed better health for a few years, but by age 30, a painful memory emerged from my childhood, leading me on another even deeper healing journey. During this time I suffered from painful emotional and physical symptoms including chronic pain, depression, and panic attacks. These symptoms made it impossible to function, work, and sometimes even leave the house.


I was diagnosed with PTSD and started therapy and other treatments to support my healing process. While I found some were helpful, many were not.  Over the next 5 years, I saw several doctors, many of whom told me the symptoms were all in my head and others who just shrugged saying, “All your test results are fine, so there's nothing I can do.” It was really difficult to be in so much pain without any validation that the pain was, in fact, real. What could I do?


I had nearly resigned myself to feeling this way for the rest of my life, when I met a woman who would change everything, an intuitive coach.  All of a sudden someone could feel what I was feeling and explain it to a tee. I felt so heard and seen—I could hardly believe it!  With her support and the right therapist, I was on the road to true healing. Now, not only do I know exactly where the chronic pain comes from, I also know how to soothe myself.


Soon, I discovered my unique gifts and the beautiful work I was meant to do.  My connection to my inner-self improves my life more and more every day.  Now, my clients and I get to share in this journey together, a journey back to the self.  By building a relationship to inner guidance, we are able to retrain the habit of making choices from the outside in and instead, make choices from the inside out.  When we live this way, people-pleasing transforms into joy-seeking and blind obligation becomes purposeful action.  Decisions are no longer forced from a sense of urgency, but allowed to develop in their own time.  I find nothing more amazing than watching the people I work with come into their own power and reclaim their lives.  They are energized, invigorated and inspired to live bigger, happier, and more fulfilling lives.


I am very excited to support my clients in healing the pain of the past in order to create an integrated future. When you connect with the deepest parts of yourself, you will discover the ease of creating the life you want.


May all your life be happy and joyous,


Laura Doctor

Intuitive and Intuition Coach