Our job isn’t to know, it’s to follow our creative instinct!

This wisdom came today as I was talking to a dear friend. She was sharing about a new venture she is exploring to empower women through teaching them makeup skills.  She went on saying that the everyday woman who doesn’t wear makeup every day can learn how to do the stuff they never thought they could do, easily and simply, in a room full of women just like them, by an everyday woman who taught herself through hundreds of hours of youtube videos.


As we talked we were talking about the creative bug and how it hits us. We don’t know why, but we feel the need to share something with the world. And then bam, it hit. Our job is not to know what or why, but to follow this creative impulse to see what is in store for us! Wow! What a magical truth! I had to blog about this one.


Have you ever had that impulse to do something creative, and as you followed it, it turned into something entirely different? I have. I had the impulse to do couples coaching a year ago, so I did it! I went for it, signed up for a business program that helped me get the website up, and boom! I was doing it! So I thought. It was a little like trekking through tar on a rooftop, I was going nowhere. Then I had the creative idea to ask a Yoga studio owner I had met if I could teach a couples workshop there. I remember how difficult it was and that it felt as if my words were all jumbled and disconnected. She looked at me like I was an alien and promptly changed the subject.


At some point in the conversation, she mentioned she knew a woman in the area who does couples work, and asked if I knew her. I actually remembered, wow, I did! I watched a video of hers a while back and was looking to learn more form her. She said I should really check her out, she is very good. I felt it was strange that I had recently found her, and then this woman was bringing her up. It felt that was something I needed to follow up with. So I looked her up. She turned out to not only be a couples coach, but an Intuitive as well.


I signed up for a free 30 minute session and went. In the first 3 minutes she introduced herself, explained her gift and how it works and I was in AWE! I had the same almost exact gift! Holy Moly! I had never met anyone in person who had my same gift to a T. I was totally amazed. By my first session we realized it would be way more powerful for me to use this gift then to be a couples' coach. And so my new career started.

Now I am a true believer in following that creative impulse, no matter how challenging or uncomfortable it may be. If I hadn't gone ahead with my impulse to do couples coaching and started that very awkward and difficult conversation with the Yoga studio owner, I wouldn’t have found the woman who supported me to find my current calling as an Intuitive and Intuition Coach. And what unfolds from here is another mystery I get to discover!!