Is Intuitive Coaching for you?

You may know after hearing my story.  I grew up trying to fit in and just be normal. Revealing my intuitive insight usually made people angry and resulted in punishment or discomfort in the people around me. So I ended up hiding my powerful gift deep inside me, covering my true self with what I observed around me and deemed normal. Of course, this was painful, and I needed ways to cope.  I developed many forms of addiction, which I struggled with for 20 years.

I graduated from massage school when I was 19. As a massage therapist, I turned to the healing arts for answers after being diagnosed with an ulcer at age 25.  In disbelief, I asked myself: “How could I be sick at such a young age?”  Devastated, I embraced natural medicine, yoga and meditation, and made diet and lifestyle changes in order to heal myself.  While I enjoyed better health for a few years, by age 30 a new level of pain began. Emotional and physical symptoms including chronic pain, depression, and panic attacks made it impossible to function, work, and sometimes even leave the house. I suffered with those symptoms for almost 5 years.
Even though this was an awful time for me, it led me to finally unearth the special gift within me, a very clear intuitive channel. Toward the end of that long 5 years of suffering I found an Intuitive Coach. Working with her helped me remember my gift and what the pain was trying to teach me. I soon discovered how to heal myself naturally again. This time the level at which I have healed is so much deeper and I have gained tools that I will never loose, my connection to my guides, spirit and deep healing with my inner child. I am now inspired to support my clients on their journey to their internal guidance system.

Now that I am fully tapped in to my own magical and mysterious abilities, I found my happiness. Through the support of others, my own internal guidance and the healing power of time, I have found mental, physical and emotional balance in my life.  I surround myself with people who love and accept me and most importantly, I love and accept myself!  I am currently creating the life of my dreams and my passion is to serve others to do the same! 
Awakening to the wisdom of the universe and unleashing the wisdom that lies within each of us.  I see our inner guidance system as a direct line to discovering our highest potential.  This work brings me so much joy that it doesn’t feel like work at all!

It is my absolute pleasure to offer you a FREE 30 MINUTES trial session. Also, if you think of anyone you know who may be interested in this offer, please feel free to share this.  When you are ready to book 



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I'm very excited to support you in healing the pain of the past in order to create an integrated future.  When you connect with the deepest parts of yourself, you will discover with ease how to create purpose in your life.  Laura Doctor
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