6th Sense

There is a sense people call the 6th sense. Like the movie, most people interpret it as scary and not something they want but something to avoid and keep away. For me growing up, that was my story. Anything out of the normal realm of thinking was assumed to be nonsense, as far as I remember. I even remember feeling like my intuitive insights were deemed evil and the devil's work. So being a child with the abilities I had growing up was not experienced as a gift but more like a curse.


One of my gifts is to see underneath the layers of reality to the deeper truths hidden inside. So if anyone was hiding something, I could see it. And before I had much of a filter to know what I should say or shouldn’t, I just assumed everyone saw like I did, so I didn’t bother sugar coating it. I would just say to people out right “You're lying!”. Well they didn’t like that too much. I can see now in hindsight why they wouldn't. Its taken over 30 years to hone this gift and learn how to use it in the world to be of service. Not that I have that totally figured out yet. But I do have a filter and can be more mindful of what I say out loud.


So with that said, this is a call to anyone out there who has a unique gift of their own that they want to learn to cultivate and develop. A child that sees things no one else does. A teen who hears things others don't and adults the like. My gift is calling those gifted souls suffering alone out there, trying to understand why they have these strange abilities and what they are here to do with them.


Why, you ask, do I think I can help you? Because I went through the transition of having my gifts isolated and alone in the world and know how painful that can be. And now I have many friends who have similar unique gifts, as well as have found a healthy way to use them to be of service. I believe the reasons we have these gifts is to learn how to understand them and wield them in this world with service at the core.

If you are or you know someone who has unexplainable or unique gifts and abilities, and wants to understand them better, I am here at your service