Bringing Intuition into your eating...



Have you ever had the feeling you shouldn't do something, and you did it anyway?  Did you look back saying: "Some part of me knew not to do it"?  It happens to all of us.  Let me give you an example.



My husband and I recently traveled to Seattle for a weekend getaway and to visit friends.  On the afternoon of the last day of the trip, I layed down for a nap. I had difficulty sleeping and was moving around a bit anxious feeling. Finally I got to sleep but when I woke I had the strong feeling that my energy was off from the food we ate for lunch. And a big voice inside telling me I needed to find a nourishing, healthy place to eat tonight.



I found a vegan, organic restaurant.  I looked at the menu, felt the vibe, and it felt good.


The problem was that we had already committed to dinner at a different restaurant with our friends.  Plus, we were all hungry and ready to go, and  the vegan place had a 30 minute wait.  So instead of rocking the boat I decided to keep my intuitional message to myself and stick to the plan.


I asked where we were going and took a look at the website, I could feel the "NO!" in my body.


I said nothing.

As we walked into the restaurant I could feel the "NO!" in my body.

I said nothing.

My meal was served to me, and I could feel the "NO!" in my body.

(You get the picture.)

I ate it the food.

Huge mistake!  By midnight, lying in bed, my body made me pay for not listening.  It was as if little electrical short circuits exploded throughout my body and brain. My body shook, chest tightened, tension moved all throughout my body tightening and releasing over and over, it was like that from 10ish pm to about 2 or 3 in the morning. It was awful.


Had I listened to my intuition I would be sleeping soundly.



Over the years I have become acutely aware that my constitution is quite sensitive.  Whatever I bring into my body affects me at a subtle but very deep level. I know that I don't do well with too much sugar, caffeine, gluten, or soy.  Other culprits include over-ripe ingredients and food that is not freshly prepared. The results include stomach issues, headaches and just plain weird-ass symptoms that can't be explained and that steal my sleep.  



Something else I’ve experienced is that with food, the energy that goes in directly relates to the energy that goes out.  If I eat crappy food that someone threw together with no care or presence it's more than likely that I'm going to feel crappy and not present.  Like in the movie "Water For Chocolate": the woman preparing food cries and then who ever eats the food also cries.  Of course this depends on your sensitivity level, but even if you're not as sensitive as I am, your taste buds can distinguish between fresh food that is alive with vitality from food that sat on a shelf for months or came out of a box. Check the label, what percentage of nourishing, revitalizing food is actually in that box? ...But that may be a topic for another blog post!



Sometimes we have no idea why these ideas come through, but everyday I can see my intuition supporting me to rest, eat well, do what brings me joy and feel and share love.  I’m learning that my intuition comes in to save me in every choice I make and everything I do.  How amazing it is to follow what feels good and right to my body!



It's been quite an interesting path to what I call "eating from my intuition".  Now I work with clients on all sorts of topics and lifestyle choices; food being one of them.  I teach them how to listen to the messages their bodies give them relating to food and many other topics.



Sometimes we unintentionally lead ourselves to the most terrible suffering, when it all could have been avoided if we had listened and followed the messages coming to us. This is not only my own journey, but it is also my true joy to serve others by supporting them to listen to their own guidance.  Avoiding pitfalls just makes life easier:  with less trauma and less drama, what remains is the freedom and wisdom to be who we Are!



The next time I get a hit to not eat somewhere, I’ll tell you what, I will be listening!  Would you like to share an experience with food and your intuition in the comments below?  I'd love to hear your story!



May magic always light your way,


Laura Doctor


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