Daily feelings practice

Each day I sit with the sensations in my body, whether it is for 5 minutes or over an hour,  and feel deeply into them. As I feel into them, I feel unresolved stored emotions. Sometimes it is from an experience I just had with my partner, sometimes it's very old sadness from my inner child that doesn't feel safe or feels scared, and sometimes it's just about an issue that still feels unresolved to me.

This practice has taught me so much about myself. It has taught me just how sensitive I am. It has taught me how to be with all these parts of myself with love and care and it has taught me how to feel all of my emotions, no matter how difficult it may be. Feelings of anger and rage so intense I thought I would ignite and burn up. Sadness so intense that I thought I could never come out from it. I now feel the strength to be with the darkest and deepest emotions, feeling them and letting them go.

In my experience, these feelings are there to teach us how to let go. Let go of loved ones when they die. Let go of the expectation that people need to be perfect when we are hurt by them. Let go of the need to control life when something inevitably happens to make sure we know we can't control it.

Life is a flow of experiences, sometimes joyful, loving and amazing. Sometimes devastating, painful and scary. With such a range in experiences in life it has been this practice of feeling my feelings that I recommend to everyone as the most powerful technique.

It's made me resilient, not take things personally and have the ability to understand myself more deeply. Understanding myself more deeply helps me see we all have feelings hidden inside us that make us react in different ways. By knowing my feelings, I can see others more clearly and have love and compassion for them. So I also have this practice because we can only be as loving and compassionate to others as much as we are to ourselves.

This feeling practice was not easy for me as first. I needed to be shown how to do it. A good therapist, coach or friend, or maybe a family member, anyone who has the capacity to listen deeply to you can help you start to learn this.

Some people have never had someone deeply listen without trying to fix or distract your feelings. Some have and maybe forgot how important it is. Some may try to sit with feelings and feel nothing. For really all these people I would recommend starting with someone who is close to you or a good therapist. I've had good luck with asking for a recommendation from friends, if they know a good one.

Then you just tell the person, I just want to share my feelings while you listen and just hear me without trying to fix my problem. Start there. It just takes one person who has the ability to hold space for you to teach you how to do it for yourself. If you find the person you picked is not able to hold the space you need, Don't give up!!! Keep looking till you find someone.

However if you are switching between therapists or people a lot, you may want to keep in mind that nobody is perfect. Sometimes situations come up for us to clarify what we need and ask for it. If it's a good therapist or friend, then they will be able to adjust for what you need and talk out the issue. If not then keep looking.

Hope this blog serves you to help you feel those precious feelings inside. Wishing you inner peace and happiness.

If you can relate to this blog, it helped you in some way or you just want to comment, please do. I always love to hear about other people's journeys. That is a great way to feel connected.