Feminine oppression

I want to talk about feminine oppression. This morning it is on my mind and heart. It's not just female oppression but the rape and violence being done to mother earth. Today this is burning inside me like a wildfire. Anger rage and disgust at the oppression and blaton damage we cause to mother earth and women. After visiting New Mexico and then India this month it's no wonder I am burning up inside. From reading about a nuclear power plant that has been giving the indigenous people of new mexico cancer to seeing rivers, lakes and land covered in trash in india.

Its enough to make me cry, yell, scream and not get out of bed for a week. I thought it was jet lag or the death in my family which both had their part but the energy I am tuned into this morning is my body is taxed. It's been taking on so to speak the energy of the land i've been visiting and I feel like the places I've visited. Clogged up with pollution. Choked up without a voice and in deep deep grief for what people are doing to my mother earth.

I’m devastated. I realize the the grief and sadness I feel is par for the course of being a sensitive being in this world. But this morning it is so painful it's hardly bearable. Seeing what humans are doing to this precious resource is devastating. My whole world feels polluted, outraged and forever non changeable. I'm having a hard time seeing hope that things can get turned around with how bad things are.

People being shot in droves for no reason, not that there is ever a good reason. And continued oppression in the world with the feminine with awful sexist ads exploiting the female body and advertizing using sex and women to sell. It's just too much for me today. Today I just want to feel hope. Feel inspired. Feel that somehow the world is okay and that there will be a day when people wake up to the damage they are causing and the part they play in the small choices they make everyday.

So for me today, I will focus on me, what I can do to do my part in making the world a place I want to live. I will continue to not shop at places that exploite women and their sexualuty to get rich. I will continue to eat organic to promote not poisoning our land. I will do my best to educate myself so I don't’ harm people and the planet. I will use my unique gifts to support humanity to awaken. I will continue to try with all my being to have compassion for my fellow humans even when I can not understand their actions.

I will continue to try to awaken myself more and more everyday and not forget why I am here and what I’m here to do. I will learn to love more and forgive more. I will find compassionate people to share my life with. I will keep going in this difficult time even though it feels impossible to do so. That is what I can do. That is what I must do. The more I learn the more I can offer, so I will continue to learn how to take care of myself, my mother earth and my fellow humans.

Today a prayer for humanity. God let us wake up from the dream of pain, let us remember our right to be free from it and allow us to remember we are brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and teachers to each other. Thank you!