Higher Education Quandry

There are many differences my husband and I face having different cultural backgrounds. Recently at a family function with my him in India I was asked in a large group of people that age old question,” What do you do?”



For some reason I all the sudden felt so uncomfortable and could barely speak. I'm a life coach I said, they didn't understand. Coaching what, she asked. Intuition is my specialty, I said. I coach people on listening to their intuition. The crowd was silent no one making eye contact and surely not looking at me. My god that's never been so difficult  in my life.


As I'm sitting awake in the wee Am I'm guided to why I felt so uncomfortable.


It's an idea that  in many cultures that higher education is the only and best way for people to come up in this world. Its especially strong in those who see the US as the land of opportunity. Like its so easy to go to college here so why wouldn’t you go?


There seems to be an overall understanding that college and becoming something that you learned through a system of learning that educates millions of people to do the same job assuming that they will all enjoy the same thing and that the world needs that many, whatever the job may be, seems absurd to me.


I'm sure some very lucky and blessed people go to college and get a job they were trained for and live a happy life till death. That is beautiful if it happens.


But on the other hand I was reading an article in the paper here in India where they were discussing a large amount of suicides in a school here in India that's known for being very competitive and difficult.


That, to me, is a great injustice. People should, yes, strive for a better life, but if we all try to fit ourselves into a cookie cutter job or educate ourselves just for the sake of pleasing our family's or the pressures of a cultural belief that it's the only way to make a better life for yourself I'm here to say “fu** that”.


There is a better way to live. Live for joy, live for happiness. If you love having babies do that, become a surrogate. If you love playing with kids be a preschool teacher. If you love helping people learn be a coach. There are so many different ways to create work that you love which then creates a life you love.


Many people will choose or opt to gain a higher education and I'm not saying that's a bad thing but be sure that is something your heart is calling you to do. That it's something you want to do because you want it. Be sure in your heart that the choice is yours and the freedom you will enjoy from that choice will not become a chain that pulls you down into despair and desperation.


I became a coach and a professional organizer for the pure fun and joy I get out of both of these jobs. I've always worked for myself because I like working when I want and playing when I want. This is what brings me joy. I consider myself very lucky to be able to do this work and I feel very little pressure, most of the time, to be different or even a need to go to college.


But tonight I have to say I definitely felt that pull. The people I've met in my life while in India have given me two sides of the coin. My first experiences here in my 20’s I was searching for spiritual growth. I found the people here perfectly accepting of my venture to come to India to do that. It was even half expected.


But marrying a man of Indian origin and being involved in the culture from that angle has showed me a totally different side. I don't really feel accepted totally in his family or culture because I feel they value higher education so much and many people work so hard and strive to put their children through college and the fact that I'm American and didn't go to college almost seems like a slap in the face to them.


As if it's easy for everyone here in the states. My parents did not go to college. They did not value it and actually what I remember them telling me the most was to do something I love. I was lucky and blessed in this way to really listen to that and I did just that. I created a career that I love.


I studied and continue to study things I'm interested in and do things that my spirit has loved doing since I was a kid.


Through my journey I've discovered that it's my spirit I'm here to please if anything or anyone. If my spirit is happy then my life flows in a beautiful way. I get to travel, blog, do yoga, workout, swim, hike, organize and coach people on my favorite topic ever, listening to and connecting to the spirit. Life is amazing.


I felt so awkward when this woman asked me what I do. Normally I'm like hey I'm a psychologist for the spirit it's awesome here's a card I'm happy to do a free reading and you can find out what I do that way. But wow I was just so caught off guard, being an intuitive you can feel what people are thinking and feeling underneath what they are saying.


It's never been easy for me to deal with that part of my gifts but tonight it was extremely difficult. I felt so much of that underlying stuff of the culture to come up means to educate ourselves with a higher education.


And I believe that too just in a different way. I believe listening to the spirit is the best highest education you can get. The spirit is always guiding our way to peace, serving humanity and anything that gives us that childlike joy and bliss.


So, This is my true job, to listen to my spirit always and enjoy my life, serve humanity with my unique gifts. It's as simple as that. I'm grateful for this question and the discomfort I felt. As always I can learn something from it. And lastly I'm not saying college is a bad thing I'm saying follow what makes you happy if school does awesome! Go for it!