High pressure sales strategies & speaking our truth…

About a year ago I had an experience that shaped my integrity about the way I do business. I signed up for a coaching program that I believed would be the answers to my prayers in helping me to start and run my new business. What it turned out teaching me was very different then I thought. It started when a friend told me about a woman who had been coaching her. She sent me texts, emails and many reminders to invite me to work with this woman. Finally I took a look and decided I would go to her retreat.

During the retreat I was engaged, supported and surrounded by other women who were excited too. There was a panel of women talking to us about how this woman helped them to change their lives. Then it happened, the offer was made. If you want to continue to get more awesome support then you will have to decide in 24 hours if you want this great deal of over $20,000 in value for only $9,997!

I was hooked and of course desperate for help so I got out my CC and boom 10,000 in debt. Its that easy!

My purpose in writing this is not to shame the person or persons who did or do still use these sales strategies, but to educate them and possibly others so that they make choices from empowerment and abundance.

I didn’t see at the time that this strategy was painful and not supportive of my own internal guidance system, until things went very wrong with the coach I was working with.  Eventually, I realized and listened to my intuition that was telling me from the beginning to beware, that something didn’t feel right and that this situation wasn’t the right fit for me.

There are many gifts I have learned from this experience. I learned how to have integrity that feels right to me and that I feel is not harmful. I learned to turn to myself for answers. I learned to not lean on friends to grow my business or to pressure my clients to advertise for me because it felt wrong to be on the other side of that. I learned how to see when someone can’t hold space for me and speak up for myself and get out. I learned how to ask for what I deserve. I learned that this mistake, however painful, has taught me to listen deeply to my guidance and intuition.

I had thought I paid to learn how to run my business but ended up learning how not to. Life is a mystery sometimes. You expect one thing and get the opposite. Another good lesson I’ve learned. Learning to surrender to the mystery.

Most recently myself and my partner had a introductory coaching session with a couple we were considering working with. At the start of the session they asked us to make a decision about working with them by the end of the call and said that making a clear yes or no in that context they have found best serves their clients to move forward without second guessing themselves later.

Then at the end of the call it was time to decide. I had a sinking and familiar feeling in my stomach and a major flashback to the previous event. I told the couple I had a bad experience with a coach where I needed to make a quick decision and I’m not comfortable doing that. We then agreed that we would discuss and decide the next day.

After some thought and connection with our individual intuitions, my husband and I felt a no and I felt it was important to share with these coaches that part of my no was because of the sales strategy that they used. It made me realize how important it is to me that I and the people I work with don’t use these types of high pressure sales strategies. Period. It feels true to me that they have the potential to cause harm and that is enough for me to steer clear.

I am not by any means finished with this lesson. I still feel saddened, hurt and angry about it. But, I trust in time, I will heal, I will forgive and I will even understand why people think they are serving people using these strategies. Right now I don’t totally understand, I don’t totally forgive and I’m learning to feel my anger and let it go.

For now I will just say please look for these warning signs of high pressure strategies and beware. They can pray on vagueness, and can potentially put you in debt for something that may harm you in the end.

Here are some indications of High pressure sales strategies.

  1. A friend, colleague or even family member entices you how much this person has helped them. They may even tell you this over and over and over, eventually wearing you down and & peaking your interest.

  2. You may experience an offer for a huge discount like you will pay only $299.99 and the                  value is over $1000.

  3. You will be given a very short amount of time to make your decision for this amazing    deal. The offer is only for today. With usually some science or psychology bit about why you should make the decision quickly and how doing that benefits you.

You get the idea.

There are so many of these happening out there right now. I really pray that people wake up from this. It really is painful to go through it.