An invitation to your birthright.

Putting all our eggs in one basket. It's an analogy I'm sitting with tonight as I contimplate grief, loss and death. I'm the grand daughter of 3 grandfathers whom either by accident or intentionally killed themselves. One when he lost his job another  when he lost his family and the other had pretty much lost everything. 


Greif and loss are so painful. Now here's where the eggs in one basket comes in. If we compleatly itentify ourselves with one particular part of our life we equate our value with that one thing. So if we loose that one thing we feel life is unbearable. 


You hear about sweet older couples one dying right after the other and we think oh how sweet. And maybe it is sweet. But I can't help but wonder if these people had put equal attention into the other aspects of their life, if they would have felt something els to live for. 


I really feel living a fulfilling life is our birthright. Having fulfilling relationships, careers, good health, enough money, fun and a comfortable home is a part of that. Each peice of the pie of life is so important. Each peice feeds our soul, nourishes us and gives us reasons to be here on this planet. 


So I urge people, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Give each peice of the pie of life the attention it so deserves. You will be amazed at how when you inevitably loose one peice for a little while you won't totally loose yourself. Because you will have all those other important things to help to cope with the grief and loss that happens in life. 


This is an invitation to us all to come open to life.  Please share your comments.