Heart space created

In a guided session into my heart space I looked around and saw 3 distinct places. The first place was off to the left. I saw thick dark fog which I couldn’t see all the way through but I had the sense that the space was huge behind the fog. Expansive somehow but also dark and mysterious, yet not at all frightening at all. When I felt into this space, I felt it as a representation of the the great mystery of life.


The feeling and truth of the real fact that life is a mystery. It’s always changing, surprising and stretching us into the dark. To grow us and support us to let go. I experience this space as the acceptance of the things we don’t know in life. The things that are still unfolding and have yet to show us fully why they are here. Acceptance of this mystery, for my path has been essential.


The mystery comes to share its wisdom with us in many different forms. A family member passing suddenly, a sudden illness we may be experiencing and many other things that come unexpectedly into our lives and we don’t know why. I believe my guides showed me this in my heart for me to remember this is a gift from them for me to share with the people in my life, weather it be my family, friends, clients or a stranger having peace when the great mystery is visiting us can be a huge gift. A gift of peace no matter the circumstance.


The second place I visited in my heart was directly in front of me. As I looked, it was a huge glass bridge reaching out over a great big landscape that looked as though it never ended. As I stood on it I looked all around. I could see above below, up, down and 360 degrees around me. What I saw was the entirety of beauty in the world.


Slowly I started to see a dark spot in my viewpoint. As I looked at it I started to feel uncomfortable.  I didn't like that something was obstructing my view. It was ugly and felt icky. As a payed closer and closer attention to it,  feeling the feelings it brought up and going toward it, I started to see it more clearly.


Then all of the sudden I could see it was a smudge on the glass and all I needed to do was to clean it off and I could see the expansive view again without the obstruction. This experience reminded me of the work to see our own perspectives and to clean them up. That sometimes that is all we need do in order to see a situation differently.


Also that instead of going away from discomfort and ugliness, we can change my mind and go toward it. The going toward it and sitting with it no matter how uncomfortable, we can start to see it more clearly. This also reminded me that of the work it takes to create this for myself and now the feeling that I am capable to support others to do the same.


The third place was to my right. It was full of colorful cozy pillows, couches and rugs. It was so comfy and cozy and full of places to feel comforted and comfortable. This place reminded me of the cozy comfort of self care and support we all need to feel safe and comforted in the world. This place was just oozing with the feeling of ahhhhhhh…. Just looking at it I felt relaxed comfortable, safe and secure.


This place has taken me a long time to create for myself. It consists of a much needed and appreciated self care team I have created and that changes as needed. Right now for me that is therapy, massage, intuitive coaching, couples support, personal retreats, vacations with my husband and my daily routines. It also includes social time, alone time and a variety of things that nourish me.


I highly recommend all people to have a nourishing self care routine and regime. It is what sustains me to be able to go toward my dreams and aspirations. Along of course, with the other two places in my heart I spoke about earlier.


All these very important places in my heart are so precious to me. Its taken me years to cultivate these places and at the same time they have been with me all along I just forgot with my over domestication and training from life. Now I have been untrained enough that I can see the gifts of my heart bursting forth. This whole session for me was my heart saying I am ready. I am ready to come forth with the gifts of my heart and spirit into the world and share them as they were meant to be shared.


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You want support in cleaning up your perspective so you can see challenges more clearly with responsibility and openness.


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Laura Doctor