Peace in our hearts

I'm here in New Mexico for a personal retreat and wow what a beautiful place. The first night I was here was a new moon and I could barely sleep which is a semi-normal thing for me as my guidance has messages to get through me for full and new moons. What came up was a huge, huge amount of anger, rage and sadness for the injustice done to me and in the world.


I'm not surprised now, in hindsight, about looking in the paper the next morning and seeing on the front page a woman being arrested for protesting and assaulting an officer. Who knows what the truth is but this image stuck with me. As I try to sleep the second night of this new moon and it's no buano again as I'm feeling yet again overwhelmed by feelings and emotions.


I asked my guideance to help me understand what is going on. Here's what I got. As humans there are injustices we see, feel and experience in our lives. We can hardly live without coming up against things that feel as though they break our hearts and all we want to do is change that injustice right now. Hasn't it been like this long enough? Surely the world is ready for this change?


And yet some things continue to happen over and over that may baffle us. My heart is sad just thinking about it. There are many things that feel so wrong to us we can't help but stand up and say I deserve better! That is empowering. What isn't is letting the rage and anger burn so hot inside us that we take that and explode it into the world expecting that it is ready to change just because we are.


We have heard that violence begets more violence. Resistance more resistance. What you bring to a situation mirrors what comes out of it. Even if it's buried deep in our hearts. My guidance is asking me tonight to ask all of you, what changes have you seen happen from resistance and brute force?


Doesn't true sustainable change come in time, gradually with peace love and acceptance?


When William Wilberforce got slavery abolished it took him almost 20 years, it was a life commitment. He never wavered. He never stopped because he believed in what he was doing. His heart was committed to changing people's minds. And how did he do it? Not by trying to force others into change but by slowly educating people and sharing his heart with people. Showing them why he thought it was so important.


Peace is worth being committed to. But is it worth fighting for? I'm not sure. The message I'm getting tonight is no. That the true nature of change is to meet the situation with love and acceptance. That doesn't mean rolling over and letting bad stuff happen. It means love has the power to change anything. No matter how terrible, no matter how awful.


I believe this because I've seen it. Ive experienced it and it is the only thing that changed me from an addiction based life where I was only thinking about myself, my needs and hurting anyone in my way to who I am now. Love is the only thing that saved me. So, from that place I pray. Pray for people to wake up. Wake up to what they are creating. Wake up to the true power to change, that is love. And look to love to help them heal the wounds of the past.


The most painful injustices for me to witness and experience are still the ones I experienced myself or that have affected me, my family, my community, my friends, my culture, my gender and my generation. Those things are the things that burn in my heart to change.


They burn, burn in my heart. For that reason I choose to believe that there's a reason why I needed to experience the things I did. Part of that reason is still unfolding and one part is so that I would have the fire in my heart to make change on this planet.


What I continue to realize from my guidance is that I cannot force change. I need a support system, I need people who love and believe in me, and see who I really am, and want to support me to be who I am in the world, no matter how uncomfortable that may be for them.


So on this very beautiful day of celebrating peace for the world I wish everyone true peace in their hearts.


Don't take these words as the truth. Ask your heart, your intuition, your guidance, what is the best right action that I can take toward create the kind of world that I want to be a part of?


It's the fire, rage, sadness, anger and all the unresolved feelings and emotions that make us act out in life. They make us resist what is. They make us fight against what is.  And make us believe that fighting against something or resisting it will make it change. That just hasn't been my experience. The more I have fought against something or resisted it the more it was there and brought back into my face over and over again, to be felt, to be held in love, to be experienced and to finally to be met with love.


So I'll leave you with a prayer for our hearts. Because I truly believe if more people were connected to their hearts they would know, they would absolutely no without any question that love heals all. That when the difficult and challenging hurting parts of us are met with love then and only then are we able to change and then so the world changes.


Please share your insights on this topic below I would love to hear what other people experience.


In giant love,

Laura Doctor