The importance of self care

As life gets busier it gets even more important to prioritize our self care. Self care includes nature, intimacy, connections, time for friends & family, healthcare routines, social time and whatever els nourishes you as an individual.


It seems though that the busier we get the more those particular things go out the window. I'm particularly aware of this right now in my life and I can see for me and others in my life the real struggle to keep self care a priority.


One thing I try to do is, in the morning when I wake up, I make myself some tea and I call a friend or someone to share time talking about my life and listen to theirs. I've found that this small thing can improve my day tremendously.


I think in my experience, it's a bunch of small things through out the day. 10 minute power naps, stopping to stretch or walk or for tea. All the little things add up and they help create an equilibrium for us. It's a nurturing presence we create for ourselves.


Sometime we humans have this tendency to push through to get to the end of something, to the finished result we want to achieve. Meanwhile our nervous system is getting more and more activated and ramped up. Then we find we have trouble sleeping, we're a bit more irritable and just overall on edge.


That's when it's time to realize oh I need a break. A rest, a walk, a friend etc. Deep down there can be all sorts of things driving us forward but if we don't take time to stop listen and get the much needed support and self care we need, we burn out get wiped out and can get sick.


Learning to do self care helped and supported me to heal from a bleeding ulcer, chronic pain and depression. It's helped me learn how to leave relationships that were harmful to me. And it continues to teach me as things unfold in my life that challenge me. My self care changes as I do. But what doesn't is the fact that I know I need it!


What is your favorite self care option? Please comment and share your wisdom.