Giving is Receiving

It’s my first day on vacation with my husband and my two oldest nieces. My husband and I decided we wanted to give the gift of travel to our nieces for their graduation. We told them to pick where they wanted to go and we would go. So here we are now in Greece. It hasn’t taken me long to feel that this gift to them is also a gift to us. 

On the flight here, they shared a beautiful picture they drew of us, which reminded me of a picture I still have that they drew for me as small children. My heart is so full of love that they see us and love us enough to draw us. They’re joyous and funny and they are making the trip so much fun. 

I remember many years back Nilesh and I used our miles to get some friends tickets to India for a group trip we were doing. During that trip, we got so many upgrades on our flights and special treatment. I remember thinking I felt like a queen. On our short layover in Thailand, they picked us up in a golf cart that was made to look like we were riding an elephant from up high. It was so funny. Then, they paid us a few hundred dollars for downgrading us to business from first class. This was for tickets we didn’t even buy. 

The whole experience was such a strange one. Delightful but so strange. We had never had that experience before or since. I see it now as the generosity we showed towards our friends came back to us ten-fold.  I believe that happens when we are truly generous from our hearts. Of course sometimes we can be very generous with say, our money or even our time.  However, if we can find small ways to be generous with whatever it is we have to give, I’ve found it comes back to us in surprising and delightful ways. Being generous to others is a gift to them and ourselves. Enjoy the giving and receiving. You deserve it! They deserve it! 

We’re all here trying our best. We all deserve kindness, compassion, empathy and understanding. Giving from the heart with nothing in mind except for truly wanting joy for the other person, is like a mirror is created and others want to give you that joy back. 

As I mentioned, it’s the first day of this vacation and I’ve already experienced so much joy from seeing the joy my nieces are experiencing in each moment. I invite you to be generous today. Give something you think someone may need. You could call a friend with the intention of just being totally there for them, listening and not thinking of yourself. You could take someone out to tea or coffee or treat someone to a gift, for no reason at all. Try it as an experiment. Just remember to do it straight from the heart and let go of any expectations of getting anything back. Then, enjoy being genuinely surprised when that joy you give comes back. 

If you’ve enjoyed this post,  I’d Iove to hear your comments. You’re also welcome to share your stories of being generous and how it came back to you. Thank you so much for reading. 

Huge love,

Laura Doctor