Do you feel comforted and nourished looking around your home?

Is your space a reflection of who you are?

Does your space bring you joy?

Maybe clutter and mess has become a regular comfort that your ready to let go of. Here I offer you an invitation… Imagine what it would be like to live in a space that offered you every comfort you want and need. Now see yourself living in it! This is what we do. I have supported many people in releasing and letting go of unwanted items in their home, set up new organization systems and I specialize in creating a loving non-judgmental space for transformation in the home. My clients have responded to my support and excitement for this work with a new found excitement and appreciation for keeping their space tidy.

For this service I offer a FREE 30 minute phone consult and charge $75 an hour with a 3 hour minimum. These services are offered locally in Marin County, Ca. Driving to locations further away is an extra $25 per 30 minute commute.

Ready to get started?