I am completely blown away by Laura's incredible intuitive gift. She immediately lasered in on some of my key questions and concerns, giving me potent perspective, as well as powerful steps and tools to move forward with. Laura is a gifted intuitive guide with a huge heart and deep wisdom. I am so grateful to have met her. I give Laura my highest recommendation!

-Juna from California

Thank you so much, Laura, for all the great coaching sessions and support! I feel so much better, lighter, freer now, and I have much more clarity and focus on moving forward with my business! Laura, you are really a great coach! In our work together, you provided a safe space for me so that I could open up and explore, with your guidance, what is going on for me. You helped me to go deeper to the root cause of what was causing certain blockages. During several sessions, you guided me to the point where I could release several huge blocks I had carried around for so many years!

I am really grateful for your transformational work! You guided me with so much love, caring, patience and compassion to my sweet spots. That helped me to have the major breakthroughs of getting unblocked in several areas of my life. Now, I can shine my light in the world again and use my power, and confidence to do all the great work I am here to do!!!  I feel happy, free and joyful! Working with Laura was a great support in growing my business! When we started out I had no clients. This has changed over the course of our work together. Thank you so much! I strongly recommend working with Laura!

-Marius from Chicago


Laura Doctor has been such a god-send in a time of great need. She is an angel who effortlessly lifted my spirits, focused my aims and reminded me of my own Truth when I needed it most. My work with Laura has been so empowering. Her facilitation helped me access my own inner voice, intuition and guidance. The messages from my own Self and Spirit that Laura helped me hear and see are sacred gifts and their messages have helped shape my reality and some major life decisions. Laura was present with me through every emotion, every resistance, and every unfolding of my process. I never felt judged by her in any way and always felt that she embraced and accepted wherever I was at in the moment along my journey. When I was lost or needing extra input, Laura provided her own intuitive take on my situation. Her words always resonated so true with me and I'm grateful for that as well. What a wonderful teacher and guide she is! Laura is the most amazing support and working with her has become a beautiful learning and growing process for me - it has been a great gift in my life.

- MM from Oregon

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